I guess the first photo I took was with my old Pentax camera. I was taking a photography class in Studio Arts at the University of Minnesota. We had an assignment to do self portraits so I made myself up to look like a hippie, with round, wire-rimmed glasses and a pseudo tie-dyed shirt and a bandana around my head. I had really long hair at the time.

Ever since I took that required art class, I was hooked on art. I went on to study painting and drawing and drifted from photography for the time being. Abstract expressionism was what I really liked and continued to paint with that in mind, using a 6-inch palette knife and lots of mixed media. Over time, I developed a sort of aerial view landscape palette. The more monochromatic the paintings were, the more successful they were. Perhaps that’s why I like shooting black and white photos. By removing the color, you end up focusing on the many values of black and white and color is no longer a distraction.


About a year ago, I started to take film again, after using a digital camera for several years. It’s not as instantaneous as digital photography since you need to develop the film, scan the negatives and produce the final image in print or online.

I enjoy taking landscape photos that aren’t the typical sunset with a far ground, middle ground and foreground. I like choosing textures, shapes and patterns that hold the composition together.

Street photography is an exciting form of photography that’s fairly new for me. I’m getting used to being up close when I shoot photos of people; pushing myself to get up close, click and move on. No eye contact or interaction; just moving in and doing my business and going to the next subject. I’ve found that block parties and the state fair are the best places for street photography. I’ve got willing subjects just walking toward the camera!

I shoot primarily with a Leicaflex, Leica M3, Leica M8 and Leica Digilux 3.

Published books

Urban Landscapes (Blurb)